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What is a used car auction?
Used car auction is a used car auction where dealers · used car shops · buyers sell cars and sell trade-in cars, there are at least 100 used car auction venues throughout Japan.

What is a used car auction agency?
Secondhand car auction agency is the second-hand car auction venue, you bid directly for the car you are looking for, is the act of delegating the registration. So it's only agency fee and expenses.
Similarly for selling cars, you can sell exhibited cars at quoted prices only by agency fees and expenses.
From registration to maintenance, vehicle inspection, guarantee, car delivery is possible
"Successful bid only" "After customer bidding at customer responsibility!" Is not
Of course it is also possible if you wish to register by yourself. In case of yourself, please receive deposit of 20,000 yen, please be sure to complete the name change within one week from the arrival of the document. After sending the name change car verification by fax to our store, we will refund your deposit.
★Repair after a successful bid, vehicle inspection, sheet metal will do
Basic, seeing the current car from a successful bid If you are interested in sheet metal · painting, we will work on advance consultation.

★Relief! Used car auction agency compatible with auto loan
Basically, used car auction successful bid did vehicle. Several days within certainly all amount cash lump sum payment.
Our shop is an auto loan handling shop, it corresponds to the auto loan that can finance even if the vehicle has not been finalized.
Even if you can not prepare cash in full soon, you can purchase used cars with auto loans exclusively for used car auctions. In case
However, because judgment and procedures are required in advance, please tell those who would like to have auto loans request loan at the stage of inquiries.